The Normal Route: Summit Insight

Third delivery of the report on the Aconcagua routes. We go from Nido de Cóndores to Berlin (5,930 m) and Cholera (5,970 m).

Source: Aconcagua: The top of America. Mauricio Fernández. Summit editions

This section is much shorter than the previous one but we must take into account the effects of altitude, which at this height causes great turmoil. The step becomes decidedly slower.

The path continues in ascending traverse towards the East, until winning a series of zig zag that join different rocky promontories. The view to the North becomes increasingly spectacular as we leave below most of the nearby peaks. One thus arrives at another distinctive point of the route, the “yellow balcony” (5,800 m), aesthetic rock formation that invites a deserved rest before the last effort.

Here the path continues to the East and after a couple of turns you will find one facing the direct diagonal that leads to Berlin. Right here another path appears that leaves to the left of the main one and that leads to a rocky step of yellow tonalities. This is the path that arrives at Plaza Cólera (5,970 m), another alternative of an equidistant camp in Berlin from this point.

This is how to get to Berlin (5,930 m). Here three small shelters are located on the first platform, all constructions made in the 1950s. They are found with little maintenance and it is not convenient to have them in mind to spend the night. I recommend taking the store.

A little further up appears the new Berlin, a nice gabled shelter with a capacity of 6 to 8 people. Like the previous ones, this refuge is usually very busy during the season, being convenient not to have them in mind to spend the night. In any case on both platforms there are several places to install stores.

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