Climbing Season and Permits to Climb Aconcagua

Climbing Season

Officially, the climbing season is between November 15th and March 31st of every year.
Our suggestion is to climb Mount Aconcagua between late November and late February. This is mainly because of two factors, first because of weather conditions. It is within this period when weather is warmer in the Austral Hemisphere and climate more stable on Aconcagua. Secondly, because it is when there is availability of all necessary logistics to go ahead with the climbs (mules, base camps supplies, porters, etc).

Before and after, the lack of visitors might make highly probably that you find no logistics. Regarding weather, large snowfields, strong winds and major snowstorms are a possibility.
The climbing season is divided into 3 sub-seasons:
Low season: from November 15 to November 30 and from February 21 to March 31

Mid Season: from December 1 to December 14 and from February 1 to February 20
High Season: from December 15 to January 31


The permits must be given in person to each visitor and only in Mendoza. Each climber must come in person to Mendoza city to get it. The permits can not be bought either at Puente de Inca or Punta de Vacas. The control of permisses is done in laguna Horcones (normal and south face), the same as in the Rio Vacas (Polish and Polish traverse routes) by the park-rangers. Anywhere inside the park, the permit or the receipt may be required to be shown.

Once in Mendoza, to get your permit follow this steps:

1. First you have to fill out a Registration Form
2. Print Form Expedition and Payment ticket
3. Pay your ticket in “Pago Fácil” billing network
4. Present Forms of expedition with your signature and paid ticket at the Visitor Center ANP (Av. San Martin 1143 Mendoza 1st Floor – Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Saturday, Sunday and Holiday from 9am to 1pm). You must take your identity card or passport.

With these requirements done, will be given the Entry Permit to check in Aconcagua Park.

For more information about how to get, equipment, regulation, good practices you can check the official Government website about Aconcagua Mountain (spanish).

There now are doctors at the two main base camps. (Plaza Argentina and Plaza des Mules) You will after seeing the Rangers have to check in with the base camp doctor and will get an examination which will determine whether you are fit to go higher. This is manditory now.



  • The Park opening hours are from 8am to 6pm. For those who plan to camp in Confluencia or Casa de Piedra, we recommend entering before 4pm.
  • It is obligatory to check in and check out of the Park.
  • For SUMMIT activities the MEDICAL EXAMINATION is OBLIGATORY and free. If any visitor does not comply with the medical examinations, the climber will have to pay an eventual evacuation if needed.
  • The money of the permits WILL NOT be refunded under any circumstance.
  • The permits are untransferable and climbers MUST log in on our web site: Then, with the ticket already paid in an office called “PAGO FÁCIL”, they return to the Visitors’ Center in order to get the permit (San Martin Street N° 1143, 1st floor of the Ministerio de Turismo, Mendoza City, from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday from 9am to 1pm).
  • Minors must comply with the norms for doing trekking and summit activities.
  • Climbers attempting Aconcagua South Face route, must fulfill all the special requirements (see specific norm)


With fines from $300 (three hundred Argentine pesos) to $3000 (three thousand Argentine pesos) for those who:

  • Gather or burn native wood or start a fire outside places appointed by the park rangers.
  • Burn garbage.
  • Enter either with exotic or domestic animals and/or plants.
  • Defecate outside the toilettes provided at the Park.
  • Throw garbage along the park, forget or lose the garbage bags provided by the park rangers, arrive to the entrance of the Park without the numbered plastic bags, arrive with the bags empty or without the signature or stamp from the Private Company hired.
  • Contaminate rivers, streams or waterfalls.
  • Camp elsewhere but the appointed places.
  • Carve inscriptions in the stones.
  • Gather and/or cut flora, fauna, archeological or geologic materials.
  • Disturb and take wild animals.
  • Perform any activity that may damage the environment, or that it is not authorized.

It shall be punished with the equivalent of TWO Ascent permits those who:

  • Go beyond the 4.300 m. allowed in the permits of Long Trekking (7 days) or Short Trekking (3 days).

Penalties for transgression of Law Nº 6.045 and its current Regulatory Decree shall be paid by the infractor prior to his/her claim or appeal (Dec. Nº 2819/90, Dec. Nº 1967/12, Res. Nº 1127/12).

* Maximum stay is 20 days with ascent permit.
* Horcones ranger station open daily from 8 A.M. – 6 P.M.

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